LLS & Additional Resources

Information Resource Center: Speak one-on-one with an Information Specialist who can assist you through cancer treatment, financial and social challenges and give accurate, up-to-date disease, treatment and support information. Please visit: www.LLS.org/resourcecenter

Education Programs: LLS sponsors a range of free telephone and web education programs, videos, and local education programs for patients and caregivers about various disease, support and treatment topics. Please visit: www.LLS.org/programs

Survivorship Resources: The cancer experience doesn't end when treatment ends. No one forgets that he, she or a loved one once had cancer. For additional resources, please visit: www.LLS.org/survivorship

Education Videos: LLS invites patients, caregivers and healthcare providers to view these free videos about survivorship, financial health matters, disease updates and other topics. Please visit: www.LLS.org/educationvideos

Chapter Education Programs: LLS sponsors free community-based education programs designed for patients and their families. Please visit: www.LLS.org/patienteducation

What to Ask: Before you visit your doctor and other healthcare providers, it's a good idea to write down your questions or concerns so you don't forget them. Asking questions can help you get the most appropriate care. For a list of suggested questions to ask about certain topics, download and print any or all of the following guides at: www.LLS.org/whattoask

Other Helpful Organizations Resource Directory: In addition to our programs and services for blood cancer patients, families and caregivers, LLS is pleased to offer an extensive directory of national and international resources. These organizations can help with cancer-related issues like financial assistance, support and counseling, assistance with transportation and summer camps. Please visit: www.LLS.org/resourcedirectory

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO): ASCO provides several versions of lymphoma treatment plans and summary templates. Please visit: http://www.asco.org/quality-guidelines/lymphoma-treatment-plan-and-summary-resources